Acceptable fonts for academic papers

Citations must be in the Harvard author year style e. Figures plots containing quantitative information should have borders on all sides and fiducial marks on every border. It is therefore not possible to submit corrections using new LaTeX or Word files.

Authors should pay particular attention to features which are not automated in these packages, such as references, figure numbers etc. User IDs and passwords are case sensitive. For example, the cover letter should be used to highlight any online material, explain requests for non-preferred reviewers and editors, list any companion papers or earlier papers in the same series etc.

Authors who submitted their manuscript through ScholarOne Manuscripts should follow the instructions below. The source files must correspond exactly to the complete manuscript, otherwise delays in publication will occur. To avoid excessive proof corrections and the delay that these can cause, authors are strongly encouraged to ensure that each version of their paper that they submit to MNRAS is completely ready for publication.

Any subsequent erratum should relate only to significant errors that are identified in the scientific content of the publication, not to cosmetic changes.

Authors are asked to ensure their papers are concise and may be encouraged to shorten overly long papers, or to publish as supplementary material any figures or tables that are not integral to their paper.

Instructions to Authors

Additional figures with captions and appendices should be provided as PDF files. If references need to be updated, please carefully check the textual citations as well.

The exact appearance of a colour figure at any stage depends on the display medium and settings used: Authors should also upload a clean file remove bold font or track changes for the publisher, since uncorrected versions of accepted manuscripts are now published online ahead of the proof corrected versions see below.

Reasons must be given in the cover letter next step. Finer lines and points than this will not print, even if you can see them on your laser printed hard copy — bear in mind that your laser printer has a far lower resolution than the imagesetter that will be used at the journal printers.

Once these have been made the paper will be forwarded to the publishers without further editorial review. LaTeX files should be avoided, as they will not be compiled before being placed online. Where a figure has several parts, labels ab etc. Such changes will therefore need to be made as part of the proof corrections.

Overleaf is a free, collaborative online LaTeX editor that allows you to write your manuscript in a TeX or rich text environment, to generate PDF outputs as you write, and to share your manuscript with co-authors and collaborators.

Solid, dotted, dashed, dot-dashed, double-dot-dashed and dot-double-dashed lines are all OK. Please do not use this to summarize your results — the abstract already does this. Assessment of whether papers fall within this scope is made by the members of the editorial board, who will reject papers which are not on suitable topics.

If you have a query regarding hosting a specific file type, please contact the publishers see section 7. Aspects that cause particular problems include: You are automatically added as first author.

The Scientific Editors are assisted by a team of Assistant Editors, who handle the administration of each paper and act as the primary point of contact between authors, editors, and reviewers.

Quotation marks should be used around any text which has been reproduced from elsewhere, in addition to a citation. No other key words may be used. For example, a figure that is to fill one column approx.

Reject — the editor feels that the paper is not suitable for publication, and cannot be made so through modification. The package consists of a readme.

Some information, such as your name as author, is added automatically. The nature of the revisions required will be explained in the report. For further information on this service, please click here.

Unsuitable artwork will be referred back to the author, inevitably leading to delay in publication. For authors using LaTeX: Differential d, complex i, exponential e, sin, cos, tan, log, etc.

Step 3 - List all authors of the paper. Failure to properly cite material which has previously been published constitutes plagiarism and is a serious breach of scientific ethics.This journal publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology.

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Acceptable fonts for academic papers
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