An analysis of resonance and sound physicas and music

Interference and Beats

The next harmonic oscillates exactly 2 times faster at Hz; harmonic 3 precisely 3 times giving Hz, and so on. A musical note, on the other hand, has no meaning in itself. On the other hand, music consists of a mixture of frequencies that have a clear mathematical relationship between them.

It is these harmonics, their number and intensity that determines the specific sound of a guitar.

Their loudness intensities are those from the tableabove, not from the picture to the left. By moving two times slower, it generates a sound two times deeper. The picture above is helpful in seeing the relation between fundamental and undertones, by sacrifing a correct representation of the intensities.

Harmonics are different ways of movement inside the same bodyhappening at the same time instantly combining as a mathematical sum of the parts.

The Physics of Sound

And why is this sound considered musical? Consonance and Dissonance - The Main Theories: The loudness of the sound is the result of the particles at that location of the medium undergoing oscillations from very high to very low pressures. The speakers are set approximately 1-meter apart and produced identical tones.

This reduction in size is done at the expense of harmonic content. Now if two sound waves interfere at a given location in such a way that the compression of one wave meets up with the rarefaction of a second wave, destructive interference results.

You will need an instrument with at least one string. This gives me a great insight about where the second harmonic is located in the complete spectrum of the string, and its intensity. The sound you hear is the fundamental. Of course the loud sounds are heard at locations where compressions meet compressions or rarefactions meet rarefactions and the "no sound" locations appear wherever the compressions of one of the waves meet the rarefactions of the other wave.

The human ear is capable of detecting beats with frequencies of 7 Hz and below. Whenever they are on the neutral line, their value is zero.

A correct acoustic representation of the subharmonic series would imply starting from a point in time and procedeing in the opposite direction on the time axis. Nonetheless, the variations in pressure with time take on the pattern of a sine wave and thus a sine wave is often used to represent the pressure-time features of a sound wave.

Every musical sound is part of a whole series of lower tones that represent symmetrical multiple portions of itself. The diagrams below show two waves - one is blue and the other is red - interfering in such a way to produce a resultant shape in a medium; the resultant is shown in green.

A moving string describes a complex motion and generates a complex sound, that can be broken into the sum of its own series of harmonic overtones.

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The beat frequency is always equal to the difference in frequency of the two notes that interfere to produce the beats.

In his example, Helmoltz used only the first two harmonics. When destructive interference between a crest and a trough occurs, no sound is heard; this corresponds to a point of no displacement on the beat pattern. And in the same way all other points in the curve C are found.

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Music is a mixture of sound waves that typically have whole number ratios between the frequencies associated with their notes. In fact, the major distinction between music and noise is that noise consists of a mixture of frequencies whose mathematical relationship to one another is not readily discernible.

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An analysis of resonance and sound physicas and music
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