An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser

Developing Versatile Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The concept that overused strengths can become weaknesses is not entirely absent from the field of leadership assessment, though it is rarely reflected in the design of standard tools. Research and Practice 55, no.

Research on derailment has shown that the strengths that propel managers up the corporate ladder can become liabilities.

The dualism inherent in life and leadership has long been observed. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: When considered, it tends to be treated as an afterthought rather than integral to the design of the measure.

Both reviews concluded that a strong and positive relationship exists between the two, and both acknowledge that this is inconsistent with how the two dimensions are conceptualized.

Kaplan and Robert B. Contact them at bkaplan kaplandevries. During that same period, Victor Vroom presented a decision-making tree to help managers determine how much to involve others in a decision on the basis of situational factors like the importance of decision quality, acceptance, speed and so on; see V.

About the Authors Robert E. These patterns also correspond to the three counterproductive interpersonal orientations that Karen Horney, the psychoanalytic theorist, formulated. The contemporary field of leadership has seen many two-sided models. These theorists argued that the most effective leadership behavior depended on circumstantial factors.

Overly simplistic worldviews also account for lopsided leadership. Center for Creative Leadership, ; and M. Theory X managers, who believe that people are motivated to do just enough to get by and are basically lazy, tend to be too forceful and do not enable enough.

An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser

Center for Creative Leadership, ; and R. Believing that people are basically motivated to work hard and will do so if given the right conditions, Theory Y managers are inclined to be too enabling and not forceful enough.

Gulf Professional Publishing Co. We suspect the reason is that, to date, researchers have not directly measured overdoing.

Kaiser are consultants with Kaplan DeVries Inc. We suspect that versatile leaders see the grain of truth in both positions.

Harvard University Press, For a recent description of the changes in perspective and values required when advancing upward in the management hierarchy, see R. Using other instruments, respondents rate how often the manager engages in a number of specific behaviors, indicating whether the manager should do more, less or the same amount of each of several sets of behaviors — not each specific behavior.

In the 6th century B. Kaplan is based in New York City. See, for example, J.Developing Versatile Leadership case analysis, Developing Versatile Leadership case study solution, Developing Versatile Leadership xls file, Developing Versatile Leadership excel file, Subjects Covered Improving performance Leadership Organizational structure by Robert B.

Kaiser, Robert E. Kaplan Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 10 pag. Leadership & Managing People Digital Article. Derek Lusk; Robert B.

Kaiser; Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic PhD. Developing Versatile Leadership Case Solution,Developing Versatile Leadership Case Analysis, Developing Versatile Leadership Case Study Solution, Current models of leadership in general recognize that effective leaders must possess a number of seemingly contradictory qualities and skills.

Welcome to fear your strengths. Based on decades of helping top executives improve, including the CEOs of major corporations, leadership experts Robert Kaplan and Robert Kaiser warn leaders of the danger in taking their strengths too far.

Therefore, those models miss the chance to identify imbalance, which in the authors' view is the most common impediment to developing effective leadership.

The authors view versatility, the absence of imbalance, as the key to high performance levels. Robert E. Kaplan and Robert B.

Developing Versatile Leadership HBS Case Analysis

Kaiser are consultants with Kaplan DeVries Inc. of Greensboro, North Carolina. (Kaplan is based in New York City.) (Kaplan is based in New York City.) Contact them at [email protected] and [email protected]

An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser
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