Customer satisfaction level fast food industry

Moderating Role of Perceived Price. In this chapter, the researcher has to discuss and explain all relevant previous research works, including all related concepts, arguments, key debates and criticism on the research areas.

Burger King is depending on repeat purchases from satisfied customers. Over the past few decades, the concept of customer satisfaction has attracted the attention of practitioners and academic researchers.

It is seen as a key performance indicator within a business Khare, The failure or success of a fast food industry based on some factors like Promotion, Service quality, Customer expectations, Brand, Physical Environment, Price, and Taste of the product. The researcher will develop valid recommendations to the case studied organization in accordance with identified issues and concerns from review of literatures and primary research.

In their study of customer satisfaction, Veloutsou et al. Harvard Business Review articles. This is the final chapter of this research project. Journal of Marketing Research, 49 Fall He has also described that in a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.

African Journal of Business Management, 5 For example, service quality is most effective determinant in customer satisfaction that is evaluated when a customer compare his or her perception and expectation of service delivery Gronroos, The researcher has presented research findings through findings from review of literature and their analysis and findings from primary data and their analysis.

Due to limited time to there was limited review of literature. An investigation into the determinants of customer satisfaction, Journal of Marketing Research. The researcher has limited access to the data and information on current practices and policies of customer services and approach of customer satisfaction because of confidentiality of the case studied organizations.

So, it can be said that both companies have been focusing on customer services with quality products in relation to increase customer satisfaction.

In this chapter, the researcher has provided critical discussion of the research findings, both of primary and secondary. For example, according to Saunders et al.

Hall and Mitchell have emphasized that despite rapid globalization of the food market in many destinations, homogenization of production or consumption is not a certainty.

Khan has noted that the success and failure of fast food industry depends on several key aspects, price of the products, quality of products, services to the customers, promotions, customer expectations, brand, physical distribution and location of the store, and taste of the product and other related things.

Harvard Business Review, 61, From each restaurant 30 customers were targeted on availability basis. Khan has concluded that customer satisfaction is very important for a business; however, a business can not satisfy all of its customers because of multiple customers and different choices and views of them.

The Customer Service Five

Results on customer satisfaction at fast-food businesses Name of restaurant. Both the case studied organizations are leading fast-food businesses in the UK and other international countries. Customer satisfaction has been considered as one of the most important index for the measuring of organizational performance of a business.

One, charged by Peter et al.

As an example, Lim mentioned that the settings and decoration of the restaurant that cane termed as physical environment helps to create positive image about the business among the customers and thus help to influence their behaviour during the purchase.

The key success factor at Burger King that mainly concern with the customer satisfaction is the commitment towards improved services to its customers. Understanding American customer perceptions on Japanese food and services in the U.

Total number of customers who were targeted was We take all customer feedback seriously.

Customer satisfaction at McDonald’s and Burger King, UK.

The company has been following innovations and using different technologies for the purpose providing quality products and services to the customers Astute Solutions, Factors Affecting Customers Satisfaction in Restaurants Industry in Pakistan satisfaction in fast food industry.

Quality service, price, environment are used as an independent variables Customer satisfaction is the one element which can measure the business worth as well as business growth. 2Write includes extensive database of Dissertation Writing Samples explaining about Abstract Customer satisfaction is one the most common and important aspects in any organization, particularly in fast-food industry.

Due to market competition and availability of businesses, an organization needs to focus on the degree to which a customer is satisfied with its products and/or services of the.

Tan Qingqing et al.: Service Quality in Fast Food Sector 35 Service quality and customer satisfaction The relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality is a. The failure or success of a fast food industry based on some factors like Promotion, Service quality, Customer expectations, Brand, Physical Environment, Price, and Taste of the product.

To find which of these factors has greater influence on consumer satisfaction, four fast food restaurants customers were targeted randomly. The Effect of Service and Food Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Hence Customer Retention and Food Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction in Fast Food Restaurant.

SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN CHINESE FAST FOOD SECTOR: A PROPOSAL FOR Service quality evaluation in the fast food industry A number of studies (e.g.

Stevens et al., ; John and Tyas, ; Qin service quality usually leads to high level of customer satisfaction, but.

Customer satisfaction level fast food industry
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