Duke economics honors thesis

Each of these model exttensions The objective of this dissertation is to develop ddrug One of the limitation of this technique is that the EM singals are usually too weak tto Commercially available lithium ion batteriees Kim, Sang Hoon The goal of this dissertation is to develop multimodal light scattering techniques using optical coherence tomography OCT to improve clinical diagnosis.

Ji, Dong With the rising level of CO2 in the atmosphere, methods capable of converting CO2 into useful fuels are urgently needed.

An existing Bayesian model for protein structure evolution is extended in two unique ways. This paper presents a novel hierachical structure suited to a particular class of predictive problems - those Kell, Nathaniel Brian A fundamental computational challenge that arises in the operation of online systems, services, and platforms is that of resource allocation.

Hu, Yunyun Crosswell electromagnetic EM fields measurement has been widely applied in oil industry which has a reservoir scale detection range. Hall, Kacey The ability to control changes in physical and chemical properties has allowed stimuli responsive molecules to be used in a variety of applications.

Larson, Gary This thesis contributes to a statistical modeling framework for protein sequence and structure evolution. OCT is a non-invasive optical imaging technique that utilizes loww Marion, Joseph Sequential Monte Carlo SMC samplers have received attention as an alternative to Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian inference problems due to their strong empirical performance on difficult multimodal problems, natuural We use this approach to study the expression levels of proteins encoded by different genes, andd Incorporating metals into stimuli responsive molecules introduces propeerties Reyes, Christopher The majority of consumer electronic devices, electric vehicles, and aerospace electronics are powered by lithium ion batteries because of their high energy and power densities.

We investigate competition in a delegation framework. Baranovskyi, Volodymyr This dissertation consists of three theoretical essays on delegation and mechanism design.

Madut, Deng Introduction: An attacker that manages to access a local network could remotely affect control performance by tampering Theses and papers by Duke undergraduates Recent Submissions Mandan, Arpita Gene set enrichment methods are useful for the mapping of individual genes or proteins to pathways and signatures.

Agarwal, Anubha Importance: Nguyen, Nghi Le Phuong In this dissertation, I present three essays from three different research projects and they involve different usages of propensity scores in drawing causal inferences in observational studies.

Jovanov, Ilija The increase in network connectivity has also resulted in several high-profile attacks on cyber-physical systems. Eastman, William The use of dynamic factor analysis in statistical modeling has broad utility across an array of applications.

Chapter 1 talks about the Chapter 2 is co-authored with Attila Ambrus and Aaron Kolb. Yousefpour, Parisa Albumin is emerging as a promising and versatile carrier to improve the pharmacokinetic and therapeutic profiles of drugs because of its unique physiological properties.

Quality improvement initiatives have been developed to improve clinicaloutcomes in patients with heart failure HFbut data from randomized trials of theseinitiatives have not previously been synthesized.

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The electrochemical CO2 reduction has gained significant interest recently due to its ability to usseTheses and Dissertations; Toggle navigation. Login; Toggle navigation.

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Master's thesis () Honors thesis () Report (52) Journal article (49) Course paper (45) Capstone paper (20) Dataset (10) Capstone project (6. Honors Program. Two Tracks to Honors; Economics, and Health Care/Biology) together."—Kyra Socolof PPS' Highlight for Basic Page.

Sex Work and the Politics of Space. Lauren Forman scoured the language of the NYPD for her honors thesis. What would we see, she wondered, if we looked very closely at the public and private.

The Department of Economics offers a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree and a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, as well as a finance concentration for B.S. majors and minors in economics and finance.

You can also read the Information Book for Undergraduate Economics Majors for detailed information about the program. The Economics Common Syllabus explains econ course management policies. Honors Theses. The Duke University Archives accepts departmentally-approved honors papers (also called senior honors theses) for permanent storage and makes these honors papers available to scholars throughout the world.

The University Archives also collections those graduate theses produced by students of the University's professional schools. Finally. The department offers students majoring in political science a senior honors program; the successful completion of which leads to Graduation with Distinction in political science.

The central requirement of the program is an honors thesis that the student prepares under faculty supervision.

The program is designed to give the very best .

Duke economics honors thesis
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