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On August 2, Venus, your guardian angel planet, returns to 26 degrees of Gemini, where she was when she retrograded on May Vedic astrology divides the circle of 12 zodiacs into 27 stars or constellations.

This is the time to connect with siblings to smooth over any rough spots in your relationships. Astrolology Today Check out your horoscope for today: Vedic calculations based on this placement, as well as the relation between relevant stars during your life, reveal traits and events specific only to you.

At the very least, your deeper understanding of the value of your relationships brings you great joy now. A career choice must be made: You will gain a sense of satisfaction at having completed them, as well as a sense of security and connection to your home.

Is this fun and can I express more of me?


A Virgo man or woman strives for perfection, but of course this is unattainable. When you decide what you want to create at your own New Moon, ask yourself two important questions: Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today 11 November Any initiative taken might improve your job situation or earning potential and will prove rewarding in time to come.

And as good as that sounds, you may not know exactly what you want now as Uranus, your guardian angel planet, has been in retrograde since June Your job environment has a friendly feel to it.

Whilst this can be hard work, in the long run it can help you to feel more fulfilled. You might find it hard to concentrate on difficult jobs or work that requires commitment and stamina.

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The adventure for you is in the details now. Your intuition may be slightly off target so think things through carefully. You will understand who you are: Those Peter Pans who flee to Neverland hoping to escape responsibility miss the most profound challenge of all: Scorpio Horoscope for November 17 Generally considered the most service oriented of the zodiac signs, Virgo men and women are very sensitive with strong feminine yin energy.

You will gain through taking the initiative and being assertive. Daily Horoscope Free Natal Horoscope Report - discover more about your true personality and potential: Lead, follow or get out of my way is your mantra. You will see how the stars affect aspects-- of your life, your marriage and relationships, your career and wealth.

Today is a good day for quiet, detailed work such as writing or planning a project. Your mood is extravagant and a little wild and impulsive.Get your free Aquarius Career Horoscope from Know more about Aquarius career, professional life, how they are in business and what career option should be choose by the person whose moon sign is Aquarius.

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Writing, teaching and media ventures get an extra boost. And when Mars moves into Aquarius and heats up your intimate eighth house from September 10 to November Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today 11 November Today is a good day for quiet, detailed work such as writing or planning a project.

You may feel pulled between staying in your comfort zone and trying something new.

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Free will writing service november horoscope
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