Gasper tkacik thesis

His research interests include statistical modeling of structured data such as sequences and graphs, with applications in digital health and social sciences. His current research focuses on advancing causal inference using generative models.

He uses and develops tools from theoretical physics to investigate how our brains make sense of and respond to our dynamic environments. He received a PhD for work on the visual and olfactory systems and is currently a Gasper tkacik thesis fellow at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

He studied the entorhinal grid system, which is believed to provide humans and other mammals with a spatial representation of their surroundings.

Parag Singla, explored graph representation learning techniques for social network data. Her work touched on a broad set of related questions that elucidate how resources are distributed across populations of cells, how local interactions shape information flow across the population, and how the structure of interactions adapts Gasper tkacik thesis time and in response to stimulus variations.

If you have any suggestions for the Leadership Circle or want to get involved, please email cdsleadershipcircle nyu. He did two summer internships at Adobe Research, focusing on customer behaviour prediction.

The mission of the group is to help Gasper tkacik thesis the student community at CDS and to develop student leaders.

Kamesh Krishnamurthy, Ann M. Victor, Vijay Balasubramanian, and Gasper TkacikVariance predicts salience in central sensory processing, eLife, in press [ manuscript ] Ann M. Zhouhan has a broad interest in designing and applying machine learning algorithms in the fields of social network, cybersecurity and health care.

Broadly, her research is in machine learning and natural language processing.

He obtained a B. Kyunghyun Cho and Prof. During her studies, she collaborated in two research projects. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in theoretical neuroscience at Columbia University.

He also explored unrolling optimization algorithms into neural networks with Professor Bin Dong. Before that, he was a software engineer at Goldman Sachs and developed over 8 iOS apps. Xuexin Wei was a graduate student in the psychology department.

S in Statistics and B. She is interested in applications of data science to the logistics of cities as well as in physics and theoretical machine learning. Angela is a first year Ph. His other interests include traveling, playing basketball, and listening to music.

These include problems in cryo-electron microscopy, robotics, as well as computer and human vision. Daub, and Jean M.

Prior to joining NYU, he was a software engineer at Two Sigma Investments where he maintained a platform that extracts trading signals from market sentiment. Her research interests include natural language processing, network analysis, and politics.

Phu also worked as a research engineer for a couple years in Singapore before joining CDS. He earned a Bachelor degree in computer science from Rice University.

His research interests primarily lie in Artificial Intelligence for healthcare and deep learning for medical image analysis. I apply methods from physics to the study of complex biological systems.

Tkačik Group

Tipper, Arianne Johnson, Michael B. Stevens, Vijay Balasubramanian, The functional role of randomness in olfactory processing, in preparation.

Hermundstad I lead a group at Janelia Research Campus. To read more about the problems that I work on, check out the links above. The second one was in experimental particle physics, which led to a summer internship at CERN with an analysis focused on the DMttbar signal.

Lab members

She is interested in data science with application in healthcare and now working on medical image analysis. She employed a range of theoretical, computational, and data-driven techniques to probe how different cellular architectures support and constrain emergent biological function.

Out of school, Zhouhan is also a longtime marathon runner and certified personal trainer. His main research interests are machine learning theory and methods with application in high dimensional and network data analysis. You can find her publications here.Gašper Tkačik is a theoretical physicist who studies information processing in living systems.

He uses tools from statistical physics of disordered systems and from information theory to investigate biological systems such as. Thesis/Dissertations; Researcher Profiles; Home > SAS > Physics > Physics Papers.

Department of Physics Papers. The aim of physicists is to discover the most fundamental principles of nature. Their tools are mathematics and experiment. Gasper Tkacik, Jan Homann, Heather K. Yee, Stephanie E. Palmer, Philip C. Nelson, and Vijay. Thesis Defense-Susanne LAUKOTER: Thesis defense: September 21, Career opportunities for quantitative scientists: Gasper Tkacik, Edouard Hannezo: Arithmetic of zero-cycles on products of Kummer varieties and K3 surfaces: Francesca Balestrieri (Max Planck Instiute).

Thesis Topic: “Biophysics Problems in Embryonic Development.” Shawn C. Little, Gasper Tkacik, Thomas Kneeland, Eric Wieschaus, and Thomas Gregor. The formation of the Bicoid morphogen gradient requires protein movement from anteriorly localized mRNA.

PLoS Biol, 9(2), InBio is an interdisciplinary research group, combining wet and dry biology in the same lab. We employ systems and synthetic biology approaches with control and active learning methods, together with stochastic and [ ].

Find out about our PhD program and internship opportunities from the Dean (Prof. Nick Barton) and the PhD Program Chair (Prof. Gasper Tkacik).


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Gasper tkacik thesis
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