History of medicine essay competition

Marmelzat Foundation Award — for quality of research and writing of a paper on the History of Medicine Established by Dr. Weinstein passed away in Wednesday 12 September Meeting date: Deadline for entries is January 31st. The essay must have been written while the entrant was a student in good standing.

Some of his surgical accomplishments include the first use of intravenous saline infusion, the invention of a catgut ring for suturing intestines, and the first use of positive pressure in thoracic surgery. Students are not eligible to compete for the Osler Medal if they have completed at least one full year of graduate training in history, the history of science or medicine, or the humanities or social sciences by the closing date of the competition.

Deadline is mid- June. Bernice Jacobs in memory of her husband, the late Dr. Nationally known as a pulmonary physician, Dr. He received His B.

After being awarded a residency at Charity Hospital and working in private practice, Dr. Winners will be announced no later than June 1st. He delivered the 25th anniversary B. To be confirmed Prize: He currently lives in Beverly Hills, California and practices dermatology.

Tuesday 23 October Prizes: Bernard Weinstein Memorial Lecture. Medical pre-clinical and clinical and dental undergraduate students The aim of this prize is to promote discussion and understanding of sleep medicine and its relevance to current medical practice.

There is also a monetary award associated with each of the awards listed above.

Paper Contest

Entries must be postmarked or submitted electronically via e-mail which is the preferred method of submission by 29 January If the Osler Medal Committee also selects an essay for honorable mention, its author will receive a certificate and a two-year complimentary membership in the Association.

William Osler Medal Student Essay Contest - Awarded for the best unpublished essay on a medico-historical subject written by a student enrolled in a school of medicine or osteopathy. Essays that have been awarded an Honorable Mention are not eligible for resubmission. Matas served as chairman of Surgery at Tulane from First awarded inthe medal commemorates Sir William Osler, who stimulated an interest in the humanities among medical students and physicians.

He was one of the first physicians to develop and pursue an interest in the field of endocrinology. Student essay prize Submission deadline:THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO MEDICINE ESSAY COMPETITION.

An international competition for secondary school and medical students. Competition Winners – There were numerous high-quality entries for the essay competition, and we would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts.

In fact, we had such a hard time. The History of Medicine Society, a subgroup of the Friends of the P. I.

prizes and awards for students

Nixon Medical Historical Library, welcomes university faculty, staff, and students as well as area health professionals, students and faculty from other universities, and anyone interested in the history of medicine.

This prize will be awarded for the best essay or essays submitted on any subject related to the history of medicine, including medical science. Essays should be between 3, - 5, words and the standard should be comparable to a third year dissertation. Undergraduate Essay Prize.

William Osler Medal

The SSHM Undergraduate Prize Competition awarded prizes for the best unpublished original research essays in the social history of medicine, from two groups of undergraduate students: humanities and social science students; and medical, healthcare and allied science students.

Contests. Alpha Omega Alpha Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Competition - Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society instituted this competition to encourage medical students to write creative narratives or scholarly essays relevant to medicine.

History of Medicine

Authors must be enrolled at medical schools with active AOA chapters but need not be. Medical students who have been enrolled in a graduate program in history or a related discipline should submit their essays to the Shryock competition.

No student should submit an essay to both competitions in the same year. Essays that have been awarded an Honorable Mention are not eligible for resubmission.

History of medicine essay competition
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