Importance of review of literature in research report

So, get cracking kids! Full Answer To conduct a literature review, researchers must first find all previous research done on the topic they are studying. Finance dissertation help uk lessay karting supplies When a writer with cancer and a photographer meets This review of the literature provides a thorough introduction to the reader on the topic and presents all the analyses and findings of previous studies.

Thus, what you can do to make your research more credible will be to support them with other works which have spoken about the same topic that you have for your research.

As a result, the more books, articles, and other sources you can list in the literature review, the more trustworthy your scholarship and expertise will be. Thus, it is essential in helping you shape and guide your research in the direction you may not have thought of by offering insights and different perspectives on the research topic.

When you are about to publish the paper, you soon learn that someone has already published a paper on a topic very similar to yours. The literature review will help you compare and contrast what you are doing in the historical context of the research as well as how your research is different or original from what others have done, helping you rationalize why you need to do this particular research See Reference 2.

What would most certainly be lacking is the fact that your paper, without the literature review, only contains all of your opinions about the facts that you have discovered through your research.

You have written a research paper, an original paper in your area of specialization, without a literature review. Obviously, it affects the length of your paper but this is not the noticeable part.

La bonne ame de setchouan critique essay essay services org legitimately palaemonetes pugio descriptive essay online publication of research papers zip code phd dissertation or thesis board sacrificing happiness essay. Source Doing a careful and thorough literature review is essential when you write about research at any level.

What is a Literature Review?

In short, you could have utilized the time, money, and other resources you have wasted on your research on something else.

Finally, I would examine resources such as academic and non-profit think tanks just to make sure I was not missing anything important. Research paper about diabetes year 1 super smash bros 4 analysis essay RT lilyiatridis: You should be able to justify the inclusion of a certain work in your review so as to make everything that you have written useful.

Literature review is the part of the paper where the researcher will be given the opportunity to strengthen your paper for you will be citing what other reliable authors have said about your topic.

Importance of Literature Review

I would first start a list of sources by consulting experts and searching on Google. An integrative review is composed of examinations and critical analysis on a given topic to introduce a need for a new research.

Importance of review of literature in research report

It will generally seek to present a summary of the important works but also provide a synthesis of this information as well. It not only surveys what research has been done in the past on your topic, but it also appraises, encapsulates, compares and contrasts, and correlates various scholarly books, research articles, and other relevant sources that are directly related to your current research.

What Is the Importance of Literature Review?

As a student, you may not be an expert in a given field; however, by listing a thorough review in your research paper, you are telling the audience, in essence, that you know what you are talking about.

However, it is not to be expected that everybody would willingly believe what you are tackling in your whole research paper.

The key is to stick to the gist of the sources as you synthesize the source in the review: A bug rancher, he also keeps honeybees Google Dr.A literature review surveys books, scholarly articles, and any other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works in.

The importance of literature review include the following: i) use literature review to evaluate relevant articles’ research limitations & future research recommendation so. This is useful in orientating the reader's focus back to the research after reading the literature review and your explanation of the methods of data gathering and analysis.

Inclusion of non-textual elements, such as, figures, charts, photos, maps, tables, etc. to further illustrate key findings, if appropriate. Quick Answer. When conducting research, a literature review is an essential part of the project because it covers all previous research done on the topic and sets the platform on which the current research is based.

Aug 02,  · A literature review helps you create a sense of rapport with your audience or readers so they can trust that you have done your homework.

As a result, they can give you credit for your due diligence: you have done your fact-finding and fact-checking mission, one of the initial steps of any research mint-body.coms: A good literature review should avoid the temptation of stressing the importance of a particular research program.

The fact that a researcher is undertaking the research program speaks for its importance, and an educated reader may well be insulted that they are not allowed to judge the importance for themselves.

Importance of review of literature in research report
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