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Many times it is shown that officers avoid crime because of the work involved. Her dream is to be a legislacerator the mix of elite detective and of attorney on her planet- Alternia has no defence in the judicial sense and thus no lawyers as the very word is sacrilegious in a courtblock The Weight Of Souls: In " The Fate of Equinox!

Katherine Mulligan stating her name over and over. At one stage of the show, Webber tells Borland he is thinking of buying a new car.

Scales of Justice

In the Police Force sexism is a huge issue. At the start of the screenplay the cadets repeat the Oath of Allegiance, one of which is Webber. The Brave and the Bold: This is evident of poor police morals and values especially in certain areas such as sexual misconduct, which is against the Oath of Allegiance.

When the number 10, is brought up, someone would say "Is that even a real number? They all feel a certain threat by him simply because he holds some power over them. This important issue that Caldwell explores in the text highlights how lazy the NSA Police force is and how they will take shortcuts anytime they are able to.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: Terezi is based on the zodiac sign Libra, which is symbolised by scales. A series based on actual criminal cases that was named after the Trope Namer.

He uses the opportunity to drink her alcohol for his benefit.

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Webber catches him but says nothing at the time. For the TV series see Western Animation above. The first Act reveals that instead of being a model of morality the police force mirrors the double standards of society.

Scales of justice

He is a prime example of a police officer using his position to manipulate and control those less powerful than himself. The composer has used Webber as a means of contrast between the attitudes of the contemporary police force with that of the older police force.

Scales of Justice - Gattaca

Scales of Justice shows where corruption begins and allows us to see the many examples of the fine line our police must tread. Many courtrooms around the world have scales or at least a image of one because of this trope.

The first act, "The Job" raises many issues. A Invoked Trope in this paranormal murder mystery.In Scales of Justice it is shown that there is a certain hierarchy and those in higher positions often dominate and control those in positions that are below them.

A classic example of this is Sergeant O'Rourke and Probationary Constable Webber. In scales of Justice ‘The Job’, Constable Len Webber is new to the police Force. Sergeant Recourse and Constable Borderland take him under their wing, teaching bad. Scales of Justice shows a police force where there is a culture of corruption.

The parts of the TV program that we saw were made up of two parts, The Job, and the Game. The Job is about a new probationary officer named Webber, and how he is forced to accept the corruption that occurs in the force, and ends up getting fired.

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Scales of justice scenes webber
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