Science has made our life more comfortable

Modern science and technology render people many advantages. In fact, transplantation of human organs is quite possible now to save the lives of men. We use buses, trams, motor cars, trains and airplanes to travel from one place to another. When we go out on holidays, we can take photographs through a camera.

Hence, it can be concluded that technology has infinite benefits. Travelling, whether by land, sea or air is now very comfortable. It is unfortunate that many of the contributors to a key invention or innovation will likely go unremembered and uncompensated, and hopefully governments throughout the world will strive to resolve this problem by putting in place a more equitable patent system.

Science has made our life more comfortable and trouble free. Tesla is also credited with the invention of the radio, although a patent dispute with the Marconi Company that was ultimately decided by the U.

Again there are other things that make us more and more unhappy day by day. First, science has brought comfort to human mental life. The most wonderful invention of science is, in my opinion, the electronic computer. Machines help to produce articles cheaper and in abundance so as to raise our standard of living.

Science has made us truly civilised. However, the life was better when there was less technological advancement. If used in a balanced way, it cannot be denied that technology has become an integral part of our modern day living.

Indeed, they are far too many to be counted. Distance education, online education has been made possible. However, the process of scientific development also arouses many severe problems to our human beings. William Morton was neither the inventor nor the discoverer of anesthetics, and for 20 years acrimony, vituperation and litigation surrounded the credit for the development of anesthesia.

Top 10 Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier

Most of our everyday works are dependent upon electricity. Today we are not able to do anything without science. Science has invented a number of things for for human-beings.

Apart from talking to a distant friend, we can browse internet on our smartphones. In this way science has brought about a total revolution in human thought and action and has totally changed our lives. Science has provided us with extra limbs in the shape of automobiles, aero planes, lifts and elevators that we, daily, use.

In fact all the basic requirements of life are now easily fulfilled by utilism scientific knowledge. Scientists should aim at inventing things that would make life smooth and safe. Rockets and space shuttles can help us realize the dream of space travel. Happiness is an inner-feeling of pleasant emotions.

8 Inventions That Made Our Lives Easier

Thus, atom is energy is producing electrical power and the radioactive isotopes and tracers are doing marvels in the fields of agriculture and industry. Nuclear energy is being harnessed by modern science to peaceful purposes to achieve many more wonders in life.

Today everything is done by the machine and man has to simply sit at home and enjoy all these facilities. The thermal, hydro and gas power plants are important mediums that allow uninterrupted supply of electricity to common people. It is being used by doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, bankers and even students at school.

These include the atom bombs, the hydrogen bombs and other dangers that threaten the safety and security of our life. Breakfast is ready in very short time. Thus, science has a direct bearing on most of our activities and has become a part and parcel of our daily life.

Man can walk and talk any corner of the world. This is an age of science. Advancements in medicine and surgery have eliminated premature deaths and have helped to prolong life. Television has become a medium of the audio-visual method of learning.

We feel that we should go back to the time when science was not there and we led a life quite independent of other things.Contribution of Science in Human Life: Science has invented a number of things for for human-beings.

These scientific inventions have made our lives comfortable. Today we are using electric-lights instead of candles. Article shared by.

It is next to impossible to detach ourselves from science. We use equipments, invented by science in our daily life; but have we ever bothered to consider how science has made everyday life more comfortable, richer and progressive?.

If we compare the type of houses available in the past to our forefathers with our own flats. The development of science and technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient. However, scientists have created many problems, which are not easy to be resolved, such as air pollution, the deterioration of environment and the scarcity of natural resources, to which we must make some solutions.

This is an age of science. Science has completely changed the entire world. Science has made our life more comfortable and trouble free. Science is useful to us. The blessings of Science are too many to count. Science has conquered time and distance.

Short Essay on Science and Human Happiness

Electricity is another wonderful gift of science. Yaa its absolutely true that science made our life easier. But also spending on computers a lot of time can cause to our health. Im not denying the fact that we should not use the computers or use the internet for making our projects and to know more about the particular thing for which we are taking help of all i wanted to say.

What science has done to make our lives easier and more comfortable? Nowadays science has made great progress in every aspect. More and more wonderful machines invented by scientists have rendered a man’s life much easier and more comfortable.

Science has made our life more comfortable
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