The bright future of 4g

Our extensive studies indicate a bright future for prepaid as it becomes more fully integrated with advanced communications, applications, commerce, and content.

An autonomous vehicle equipped with 5G, for instance, could exchange small amounts of data with the cloud on a continuous basis, and run comparisons with other cars to determine how to handle certain situations at any given time.

For example, we see integration with mobile commerce by way of stored value and converged services involved next generation technologies such as WebRTC as a growth area for prepaid.

While this is still important for prepay, there is no longer the same stigma with prepaid wireless service as global carriers offer smartphones and advanced feature phones to their customers. Medical Devices and 5G Healthcare is another area where 5G is predicted to contribute greatly in a spectrum of services.

This would dramatically improve scenarios where doctors are treating patients in remote locations, for instance, as well as with medical training. Current 4G capability was never a viable home internet solution because the network simply lacks the capacity for the kind of data that would be flowing through a home-based system.

One of the most substantial market drivers for prepaid wireless was once the credit challenged and unbanked market segment. This is very important to global communication service providers as prepaid is otherwise a relatively steady, but fast growing sales channel.

The Future of 5G

With enough collected data, doctors could rely on predictive analytics to make more accurate diagnoses. This would unify the map-updating process among all connected cars, bringing together their shared data and putting it to use for the greater intelligence of the group. Internet service providers would simply install fiber optics to cell sites every few blocks, and provide customers with wireless modems that connect to the system, according to PC Mag.

Gradually, as 5G connectivity blankets roadways and buildings, connected vehicles will be in constant communication with the world around them.

The possibilities for 5G go beyond cellular connectivity, and many carriers are eying it for home use as well. As in the United States with its various fees such as support, global prepaid wireless users often choose prepaid over postpaid as a low-cost alternative compared to the typical burdensome extra costs of the latter.

It includes detailed forecasts for each area through This research also analyzes market potential by customer growth and revenue in terms of connection types and revenue contribution by voice, data, and applications respectively.

Qualcomm says 5G will improve capacity four times over that of existing systems by harnessing wider bandwidths and cutting-edge antenna technology.

The Bright Future of 5G Technology for New Products

Verizon plans to roll out fixed 5G home internet service in a few test cities in This research evaluates he prepaid wireless market globally, regionally, and by country including technologies, solutions, and major vendors.

Given how quickly the IoT market is growing, 5G is likely to usher in a wave of new technologies and near-instant upgrades to existing ones.

For instance, more connected medical devices, such as health-monitoring wearables, will be used to monitor patients. This is much more efficient than the current method of digging up each and every street to lay new fiber optic cables.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global MVNO market players by country including the type of MVNO, the hosting network, the services, and the business model.

Now, its successor, 5G short for fifth-generation wireless technologyis set to be a game changer in industries as wide-ranging as autonomous vehicles, medical devices, voice-controlled home assistants and robotics.The "Prepaid Wireless and MVNO Outlook: Market Analysis, Vendor Market Shares, Service Provider Revenue (Voice, Data, and Apps,) and Customers by Connection Type (2G, 3G, and 4G), Globally, Regionally, and by Country - " report has been added to's offering.

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4G Wireless Evolution

Posts on futuristic ideas and environment. Jul 07,  · Shentel isn't Sprint though. I live in frederick, county md.i love it when i ahve to head over into washington county md and WV getting slid 4g or rock solid 3g.

Ø Reliance Jio to use Hughes satellite to provide 4G services in remote, rural areas. Ø Vijay Mallya to return to UK court for extradition hearing *Financial Express* *Finncial Chronicle* Ø Ind-Ra downgrades IL&FS Financial Services on liquidity pressures.

Bright Future. Sp S on S so S red S/5(34). One balmy evening, Sprint and Motorola Inc. executives toasted the future of the technology aboard a Chicago River boat cruise to demonstrate how well the wireless broadband technology works.

The future could hardly have seemed brighter for WiMax technology that night, with a US$5 billion, multiyear investment in Xohm expected to. It is said to power other areas that are out of reach with 4G, like smart vending machines, smart cars that communicate with one another, even a smart home.

The bright future of 4g
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