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Artifice itself was often the topic of his poems—Italy, Limoges china, upper-class agonies, and effete speakers saying biting, witty things. The hare does not belong to the rodents; he is a species apart. It is through metaphoric corruptness that the writer once more points out an ultimate corruptness.

So I tried to let it all hang out with a chancy poem. The author did not use shot because a bullet usually stays in side the body, not fully exposing the inside or truth. It is like satin because it is soft on the outside and then itchy and scratchy on the inside and does not prevent cold from coming in or in other words permits evil to come in.

Their frankness, their combination of rue and mirth, and their social intelligence exceed the conventional notion of the Confessional. Yet the poem also testifies to the mixed benefits of awareness and repression.

So much consciousness, so well and quickly articulated, makes a gratifying art, even when distressing in its images of confinement. Then you have the word quilt used which usually represents love and care and when one uses a quilt it is put on top of everything else so it is seen.

The high textural finish shifted to a plainer register. Each night they come back, chasing one another among the fronds after gorging on papayas, to drink from the swimming pool. Respectfully and entertainingly investigates problems and virtues of both.

I love his whole discussion of the value of disproportion—extravagance, hyperbole, ecstasy, and versus formality. The poet Henri Cole, however, has undertaken the work of transformation several times since publishing his first collection in If nature had been comfortable, mankind would never have invented architecture, and I prefer house to the open air.

Everything is subordinated to us It was non blood but money That gushed out of him. For example, one of my favorite poems by Cole—"Bats" from his collection, Touch—illustrates an odd combination of bleakness, mirth, and imagination: Hoagland finishes the essay with this fine anecdote: It would be easy enough for readers to associate Cole with the genre of the family-story poet, for most of his poems are personal and psychological in their orientation.

Real Sofistikashun: Essays on Poetry and Craft

You only die once. In some ways the long-term conundrum of Confessionalism might be the question, How much can I do with my personal unease? He is a poet of anguished temperament and morbid preoccupation. The use of the word father represents the student grown up after being influence through out his youth.

In literature this is sometimes done through the use of metaphors by using specific words when relating two inanimate objects.

I really enjoyed some, but for the most part found these poem break-downs either too plentiful or too exhausting.

Poetry analysis: “America” by Tony Hoagland Essay Sample

The ordeals of self in his poems stopped seeming like self-regarding performances and began to feel connected to something existential.Born on November 19,in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Tony Hoagland is the author of witty, poingnant poems that comment on contemporary American life and culture.

Browse through Tony Hoagland's poems and quotes. 36 poems of Tony Hoagland. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee.

He was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His father was an Army doctor, and Hoagland grew up on v. Poetry analysis: “America” by Tony Hoagland Essay Sample By admin In Essay Samples On August 29, Throughout life human existences normally find messages underneath the surface.

which can non be seen by the bare oculus. Tony Hoagland is the real deal, and tucked into these pages are words from the frontlines of American poetry from someone engaged in fighting the battles for understanding what is really going on out there in the too often arcane world of American poetry/5(9).

Tony Hoagland was born in in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Tony Hoagland

He earned a BA from the University of Iowa and an MFA from the University of Arizona. Hoagland’s poetry is known for its acerbic, witty take on contemporary life and “straight talk,” in the words of New York Times reviewer Dwight Garner, who continued: “At his frequent best.

Real Sofistkashun by Tony Hoagland is a collection of essays on how to read and write poetry. It's broken up by technique and each essay contains numerous examples.

Avid readers or writers of poetry will get the most out of the book/5.

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