Trade development between china and kazakhstan

In terms of investment in Kazakhstan, China became fourth. Under the current regulations, safety standards acquire the status of normative documents, mandatory for consideration, while quality standards will gradually become voluntary.

China is currently trying to promote a positive image within Kazakhstan, positioning itself as a reliable economic partner that has no political goals whatsoever.

The author is the Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan. The legislation helps both parliaments meet together to discuss bilateral issues amongst one another. Publication of Technical Regulations Firms can subscribe to SNIPwhich publishes monthly updates to technical regulations and standards in use in Kazakhstan.

Third, this means accelerated infrastructure connectivity, the creation of a logistics network. Last year, the number of transit cargo shipments from China to Europe that passed through the territory of Kazakhstan Trade development between china and kazakhstan 1, accounting for more than 60 percent of the total; in the same period, the comparable increase was 50 percent.

Over the last five years, the heads of state, prime ministers and deputy prime ministers of the two countries have repeatedly made mutual visits. Commercial Service of the U. After Kazakhstan became an independent country, it negotiated a border treaty with China, which was signed in Almaty on April 26,and ratified by the Kazakh president on June 15, This is a great event that draws the attention of the world community.

The achievements of Sino-Kazakh cooperation in the construction of the Belt and Road for the last five years are obvious to all; their significance has long gone beyond the framework of bilateral relations. Any goods imported into Kazakhstan and included on the mandatory list of goods are subject to the mandatory procedure of certification under national requirements.

Department of Commerce utilizes its global presence and international marketing expertise to help U. The functions of governmental bodies will be limited to dealing with safety control issues.

There is a direct connection between the six cities of China and Kazakhstan, five permanent checkpoints, five cross-border oil and gas pipelines, two cross-border railway lines and one international cross-border cooperation centre. Contracts for goods delivery should be accompanied by the following documents: We may predict that in the future the scale of bilateral exchange of students will expand.

Faced with difficulties, China and Kazakhstan went ahead with the east wind of the joint construction of the Belt and Road, overcame temporary hardships together, channeled their efforts to optimise the bilateral trade and economic structure, did their utmost to intensify cooperation in the non-primary sector and successfully increased trade after the decline.

To bring Kazakhstan standards more in line with international standards, in Kazakhstan adopted a number of laws and amendments to the existing Law on Technical Regulations including such laws as Safety of Chemical Products, Safety of Food Products, Safety of Toys, and Safety of Equipment and Machinery.

In Kazakhstan, as well as in other CIS countries, mandatory requirements for goods are set out in standards and legal documents regulating sanitary, environmental, veterinary and other issues, thus requiring further harmonization efforts.

After the signing of the cooperation plan for converging the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Nurly Zhol new economic policy in Septemberpolitical coordination between China and Kazakhstan was brought to a higher level of convergence of state strategies.

However, the Chinese and Soviet authorities were not always in agreement where the border line run on the ground, which led, in particular to a border conflict east of lake Zhalanashkol in August Therefore, it should be appealing in lights of the downturn in the Russian ruble and the Western sanctions that, likewise, damaged the Kazakh economy.

Camel bells rang 2, years ago and cooperation on the Great Silk Road has now revived in a new look! However, affected by complex factors like the international economic crisis and the fall in crude oil prices, etc. Click here to subscribe for full access. More than 1, transit cargo shipments from China to Europe went through Kazakhstan in and the comparable increase in the volume of rail traffic between China and Kazakhstan amounted to eight million tonnes.

Users receive customized e-mail alerts when new notifications are added by selected country ies and industry sector s of interest, and can also request full texts of regulations. Through financial platforms like the Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investments, China-Eurasian Economic Cooperation Fund and targeted loans to promote cooperation on production capacities, the two states provide protection for the joint construction of the Belt and Road.

Kazakhstan's China Choice

The agreement is the most important legislations signed between the two nations that further bilateral relations. It is even of more paramount importance for China and Kazakhstan.

They have not only strongly stimulated the joint development of China and Kazakhstan, but also gained valuable experience for international cooperation, setting an example of success.

These standards are applied in all economic sectors. As China is expanding its economic outreach to Europe, the government in Astana wants to benefit beyond transit fees as it is trying to break away from oil dependence.

The national file of standards now includes 70, rules and norms, including 16, representing international standards International Organization for Standardization and 2, American national standards American National Standards Institute.The project’s total cost comes out to $ billion; by making the upgrade, Kazakhstan aims to capture 10 percent of the $ billion trade volume between China and Europe.

Kazakhstan officially entered into a Customs Union with Russia and Belarus on July 1,and was a founding member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), created on May 29,between Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, and Russia.

Jul 26,  · Watch video · The Khorgos/ Horgos Free Trade Zone was meant to be a game changing catalyst of international cooperation and commerce. Straddling the border between China and Kazakhstan, it was to become a place. Harbin Institute of Technology The proposal for master’s degree TRADE DEVELOPMENT BETWEEN CHINA AND KAZAKHSTAN AND ITS.

Over the past five years, bilateral trade between China and Kazakhstan has reached a historically high figure of $ billion. However, affected by complex factors like the international economic crisis and the fall in crude oil prices, etc., at one point statistics started to decline.

China–Kazakhstan relations

Kazakhstan borders China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Exports In Kazakhstan exported $B, making it the 56th largest exporter in the world.

Trade development between china and kazakhstan
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