Universal computer company negotiation exercise

Such agreement made him believe that I had a sincere intention to remedy the problem of defective modules. Occasionally, when the supply of good modules had been depleted, repairs were made on some of the rejected units to keep production going.

We have come up with the recommendation which will help to solve the issue of quality problems of all the modules including the twelve types of modules. This Universal computer company negotiation exercise the negotiation up to further collaboration.

My negotiation partner and I began the discussion by laying out the concerns. However, with the standard not being clear between the two plants, covering whether the requirements meant that 95 percent level had to be maintained overall or for each of the 42 individual modules, I felt that a collaborative negotiation was necessary to fix current issues between the two plants and to prevent any reoccurring problems so they are able to maintain a mutual relationship, as they are Universal computer company negotiation exercise for the same computer company.

This raised serious problems at the Philips plant, since the quality of its products is controlled by the quality of the poorest module.

I feel we both understood the need for collaboration and followed the steps accordingly by starting out not pointing fingers but trying to understand the problem, generate solutions, and select the best solution which lead to each party leaving the negotiation feeling as though the agreement reached was fair for both Plants.

Ideally, the management of the Philips plant would like to receive all modules free of defects. We agreed, however, to send someone from the specific department to the Phillips plant to repair the faulty modules at no extra costs to them.

And then in the future, any line of modules falling below 90 percent, Crawley will repair; any line of modules falling between 90 and 95 percent, Phillips absorbs repair costs. Plan how you will handle the forthcoming meeting with the other plant manager.

As a result, the Philips plant operation had earlier added secondary final inspection of its completed products. You will be in a potentially competitive situation where cooperation is clearly desirable.

For the most part, these had been put into storage pending settlement of the dispute as to which plant should handle repairing them. If I were the Phillips Manager and my production line was suffering due to defective modules, I would be upset by being put in a position where I could not control the modules I was receiving and in turn it was effecting the overall success of my plant.

If Crawley can use the advice and ideas from the Phillips manager than both plants will operate more efficiently. This almost forced my end to abandon this point in the arguement immediately.

Both parties in this dispute had a mutual interest in having a higher acceptance rate for the modules. Record your initial proposal on the Initial Settlement Proposal form. Failure to come to an agreed upon solution could cause trouble for both managers. In the case study, on one hand, the Crawley Plant manager seemed to be in the power position in the negotiation because the Phillips Plant was dependent on the Crawley plant to supply the modules, so therefore Crawley had a good amount of power.

The first criteria was the transaction costs. We allowed each other to express our individual concerns at the beginning followed by our viewpoints on each others thoughts to keep all emotions level. The Philips plant had continued to make repairs on the remaining 30 types or modules as the need for repairs was discovered in assembly of final inspection.

The defective modules have caused several issues for the Phillips plant including, delayed production, added inspections, and customer complaints. The third criteria, effect on the relationship, was taken into account during the negotiation.

However, the burden of costs for any that are over this percentile should be charged to the plant that makes the modules. It was important for us both to enter the negotiation with the idea that the bargain does not need to result in a win-lose proposition; we had to work together in order to come up with a way to maximize both our individual and joint concerns.

The next criteria was satisfaction with outcomes.

Universal Computer Company

We also agreed to have a Phillips manager present at the Crawley plant to aid in the extra inspections needed on the faulty 12 modules. It caused problems with the customers, who complainted of the improper operation of the products that contained the Crawley modules.

The fourth criteria, recurrence, was taken into account in our final agreement, in which Crawley agreed to revisit the issue down the road and make any changes to the agreement that might be necessary.Negotiation role play - Universal Computer Company In our negotiation role play, I was given the role of the Crawley Plant Manager.

As mentioned in the article "Three Approaches to Resolving Disputes: Interests, Rights, and Power", "questions of who is more powerful turns on who is less dependent on the other".

Introduction: In this exercise you will play the role of a plant manager who has to negotiate some arrangements with another plant manager. You will be in a potentially competitive situation where cooperation is clearly.

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Universal Computer Company - Negotiation Exercise

Main Menu; by School; by Subject; Journa II Universal computer company DeVry Chicago negotiation. “The notion that negotiation is both art and science is especially valid at the cross-cultural or international level." Party B Shawn Barghout Pemberton's Dilemma Universal Computer Conclusion Both Shawn and Jessica gained an overview of the organizational processes and the many distinct types of negotiations.

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Universal computer company negotiation exercise
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