Write a photo caption ap style

Use the day of the week: Who — Captions must include the full name, age, and home town of any identifiable subjects included in the photo. Corrective information is placed before the caption, credits and restrictions are placed after the signoff. Please keep an eye out and fix. If there is any doubt about the integrity of a handout image, it should not be transmitted.

If getting names is not possible or would interrupt the scene, a description of the people is permitted. Many sports photos taken during a game or match, for example, do not require a second sentence; nor do photos from some ongoing news events.

Your images will be history some day. As with any content NPR produces, we follow a style guide. When — Include the day of the week, month, day, and year the photograph was taken.

How to Write a Newspaper Photo Caption

Why — The first sentence of an AP style caption typically includes the first four Ws. There should be no spaces alongside the slashes.

Some scenes are more important to the look of the people today, than having their names. If possible to get names, great. Try to anticipate what information the reader will need. The name of the releasing body is then repeated in the photo credit: However, because one never knows how or when a photograph may be used, learning to write an AP style caption ensures that vital information and context always stay attached to the image file.

Stephanie Federico is a former NPR homepage editor. What is in the picture? Obama called for the immediate withdrawal of all U. List ages for any children in the image. Jane Smith Flickr photos: This comes from the University of Missouri: Style and form First Sentence: She was born in Vienna, Va.

Explain the circumstances and why it is relevant or adds to the story package. They should be complete sentences that present the who, what, where, when and sometimes why without necessarily stating the obvious i. Past tense and passive verbs may be used in the contextual second sentence.

The second part gives context to the image. Follow AP style for the date. The first part, almost always written in present tense, describes the action seen in the photo. They were two of about 75 people who lined up early at the Sears store in the Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, Iowa, waiting for the new game to go on sale at midnight.

On June 6,a star was born. The last portion of the first sentence should be the date, including the day of the week if the photograph was made within the past two weeks, and preceded by a comma. Identify people from left to right. Active verbs — always use the active form of verbs.

You do not need to summarize the entire story in the caption; it should supplement or complement the story.Jul 27,  · Let's all use Associated Press's caption style, which means to add names and more complete caption information.

This comes from the University of Missouri: You should never write a caption without having the image in front of you—DO NOT WRITE FROM MEMORY! Captions are usually just two sentences long, but they should be as long. Writing and Using Captions and AP Style Written by the stylings (Haha) of Savannah Summerlin and Levi Horton Captions AP Style The Way out The Second and Third Sentences give background on the news event or describes why the photo is significant.

should be written in the past tense. Remember that although AP Style is used by many different publications and media, it is FOR journalists writing news articles. As such, there really is no such thing as attribution to sources because that doesn't really occur in news writing.

Instead, AP Style uses in-text attribution generally in the form of direct or indirect quotations. Feb 04,  · The Associated Press style for caption writing assumes that each and any picture it moves on its wire service may be used by itself, not necessarily with a story, so each photograph is accompanied by complete information.

Also, we shorten The Associated Press to AP in caption credits. Style: Here’s the style we use when crediting a photo. AP photos: Jane Smith/AP (not “Associated Press). AP Caption Style. A caption is REQUIRED for all images.

AP Style Captions

You should never write a caption without having the image in front of you—DO NOT WRITE FROM MEMORY! Captions are usually just two sentences long, but they should be as long as needed to answer the basic journalistic questions. 1. Your caption should identify who is in the picture and why they are significant.

Write a photo caption ap style
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