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With everyone splintered and disorganized as they are, there will be no orderly storming of the Libraries. Fits in perfectly with the bit about only the highly educated being able to become Truthtellers.

Maybe surrounded by some blacker tendrils, a deep-seated rage. To their dismay, they realize that even in aetherial sub-speech, the students are saying nothing of any import or relevance to the supposed plotting. Now assign each of those aspects an alternate meaning apart from what actually caused them — red of this shade denotes slight urgency, a pulse of such and such magnitude denotes caution.

I almost discarded the combination out of hand. So they create a sub-text to their sub-sub-speech.

So the girl and her friend attend a meeting they overheard was going to take place, in broad daylight, masquerading as Writing excuses season 2 public-speaking seminar. So, last episode we had the following story ideas named for brevity: In all of this since the very start, there is no outward show of conflict.

A girl and her best friend, going through a special track in the University to become Truthtellers, and they develop an entire language of sub-text. In a moment of clarity, one them realizes something she probably would have seen a while before, if not for the stretched fragility of her own thoughts.

Maybe after I finish going through all the story-ideas with all their bullet-point-iterations only…fourteen more to go? That actually sounds like a much better story.

Sub-Text Me combined with Truthteller of Lies, with the ages and genders of everybody changed. Some oddly intense eye-contact during a friendly history debate in the cafeteria. A way to bypass the Truthtelling capabilities of a Teller, actually.

What if we adapted it to this larger, more sinister world instead of shoehorning it in? I think Sub-Text Me is really intriguing, but it definitely needs more to it, which makes it perfect for smashing into another story idea.

A grimace when exchanging supposed pleasantries with a fellow classmate in the halls. Apparently, someone added another layer.

Writing Excuses Season 2 Episode 1: Q&A At Mountain Con with John Brown

Nothing untoward, nothing much out of the ordinary at all. This should be fun. And still, the entire plot is quite small-scale, keeping with the plot of Sub-Text Me. Combine two of them into one story, then change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it Because why not.

As the two groups become more aware of each other and of the numbers of their respective members, they begin to try and break the sub-sub-speech of the opposing resistance movement. So the girls starts inconspicuously recruiting a sort of anti-resistance.

In the aetherial realm.

Writing Excuses Season Two Episode Eight: The Three Act Structure

At first glance, it seems like the aetherial communication aspect of the Tellerverse would make the entire basis of Sub-Text Me pretty much redundant. Students end up in the loony bin, minds snapped like twigs trying to fit too far down inside the rabbit hole as it got smaller and smaller and smaller.

So a secret language creating another level to the social scene in what setting… You know what? Neither, of course, wants to tip off the other that they know the other has cracked their codes, just in case they might be able to slip them some false information.Writing Excuses Season Two Episode Three: Characters with Brandon Mull mint-body.com Key points: make your characters feel real by understanding them.

May 13,  · Using last episode’s story ideas, modify them thusly yes, THUSLY. Talking Publishing and Writing with Dave Wolverton; Download; Transcript; 21 Dec ; ; Business; Characters; Guest; Q&A; Writing Prompt; Juan and Gregorio Watanabe are in medieval England—and they belong there.

Writing Excuses Exercise: Season 10 Episode 2

Explain why. Writing Excuses Season 2 Episode 1: QA At Mountain Con with John Brown From mint-body.com Key Points: Setting drives characters who drive plot. If you find problems with this index or the transcripts, please let me know at mbarker at computer dot org!

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Writing Excuses Season Two Episode Three: Characters with Brandon Mull

9/16/11 9/16/ Mood: try-fail Music: Lookin' for a Good Time, Lady Antebellum Writing Excuses Season Two Episode Eight: The Three Act Structure.

Writing excuses season 2
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